Quarterbacking Care

Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center has your back—and much more.

At Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center, Dr Pasternack puts his advanced training in motor vehicle collisions to use everyday on his patients. He as advanced specialized training in:

  • MRI Spine Interpretation
  • Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
  • Spinal Clinical Trauma Pathology
  • Trauma Triage
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Medical – Legal Documentation
  • Stroke Diagnosis and Triage
  • Head Trauma/Brain Injury
  • Impairment Rating

“Quarterbacking” means that he coordinates all of the patient’s care to make sure the appropriate testing and treatments are being provided in a timely manner and the appropriate sequence.

Some of the questions Dr. Pasternack considers and evaluates are:

  • Does the patient have any positive neurological findings?
  • Does the patient need an MRI?
  • Which is the best facility for high quality  MRI with good reads?
  • Was the MRI good quality?
  • Did the reading radiologist miss any significant pathology?
  • Were the MRI slices angled through the disc so as to not miss pathology?
  • Is there any motor weakness?
  • Is an EMG/NCV indicated?
  • Does the patient need a neurologist consultation?
  • Does the patient need an orthopedic surgeon consultation?
  • Does the patient need a neurosurgical consultation?
  • Does the patient need a pain management referral?
  • Does the patient need a referral for concussion/MTBI(mild traumatic brain injury)?
  • Does the patient need referral for PT(physical therapy)?
  • Are there any specialized X-Rays needed?
  • Does the patient have any ligamentous instability?
  • Is there any impairment?
  • Have the appropriate tests been ordered?
  • Have the ordered tests actually been performed?
  • Does the patient need attorney representation?
  • Are the injuries casually related to the motor vehicle collision?
  • Are the injuries permanent?

After a car accident, you’re in pain, probably confused, and busy handling a million different things. That’s where Dr. Pasternack’s expertise as a healthcare “quarterback” will help you manage and navigate through all of these post-accident details.

Why do we Quarterback care? Because Dr. Pasternack is very passionate about the health and quality of life of his patients; we consider our patients to be members of our family. We’d want our family members to get the best possible care after an accident, and we want the same for you. Dr. Pasternack will do whatever he can to ensure that you receive the best results for your long-term health.

Check out this video to learn more about how we can quarterback your care.

If you’re in a car accident, remember you’re not alone; Apple Wellness Chiropractic Center is here to diagnose & treat your injuries and help you handle the details so you can focus on your recovery.

Keep in mind that the right provider and the right treatment can make ALL the difference in your long term results and recovery.


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